Our Values


Welcome to the Space St. Augustine. We are a values-based company with the strategic vision of creating greater prosperity + community in our little coastal town, St. Augustine, FL.

Since we launched this site (in April 2018), many people have asked where the name came from. One of my favorite quotes on space, from Buzz Aldrin, gives a pretty good explanation!

Space is not just going up and coming back down again. Space is getting into orbit, being there, living there, and establishing a presence; a permanence.

It is our business purpose to be the hub for forward-thinking visionaries: the place they can find their community, live their dreams, and create the change they seek. The place they call home.

And it is our operational mission to be the exact type of space you need.

A space to figure things out. Using leading research from conscious leadership and sustainable business, as well as our own comprehensive experiences, we will intentionally curate programming to ease decision making and foster innovation.

e.g. modern salons, community dinners, town halls, business incubators, leadership workshops, art shows, and focused masterminds.

A space to get things done.  Using emerging trends from design psychology and organic collaboration, as well our own tested strategies, we will intentionally create environments to ease productivity and foster prosperity.

e.g. live plants, smaller tables, quiet spaces, connection spaces, color theory, reclaimed materials, and accessible tech.

A space to let things go. Using traditional practices from diverse communities and respected changemakers , as well as our own unique perspectives, we will intentionally create amenities to ease overwhelm and foster wellness.

e.g. meal delivery, unlimited coffee, on-site yoga, flexible memberships, eco products, fitness partnerships, and an extensive library.