We are currently fundraising to create a coworking + community space in St. Augustine, FL. Offering physical, mental and metaphorical space, we are creating a multi-use facility that provides affordable options to work, connect, teach, and learn.


The Goal:

We will create a multi-functioning collection of spaces including wellness rooms, a full kitchen, event space, open coworking space, dedicated office space, a podcast recording booth, and so much more. In addition to providing physical space, we’ll be offering or partnering with people to offer values-based business, wellness and community events.

The building will operate as a green building and the business as a certified B Corporation or non-profit. B Corporations operate under a model that considers how their company’s business model impacts your workers, community, environment, and customers. From using hyper local tradespeople in the rehab and/or build-out to working with community leaders in perpetuity, everything about this project will be focused on increasing the economic and community resources of St. Augustine.

Simply, our goal is to give people the opportunities, tools and resources they need to grow their business and build community. More broadly, we want to increase the quality of life for those of us who work, play and live in St. Augustine.

As the famous quote by Helen Keller says, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”  

How it will work:


The primary revenue stream from the Space St. Augustine will be coworking space + dedicated offices. There are roughly 85,000 people living in the St. Augustine area from south of 210 and north of Crescent Beach. According to research from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, 40% of the working population will be freelance, work-from-home, remote, or entrepreneur by the year 2020, which means we will have an estimated 30,000 people who are working in some place other than a traditional brick and mortar office or retail establishment.

Why are coworking spaces needed for these people? Coworking spaces, by definition, are committed to focusing on community, collaboration, learning, and sustainability.  Not only does it increase your satisfaction with life (and your business) when you feel a sense of belonging to a community, but coworking also puts you within arms reach to people who need your services or know someone who does.  Unlike traditional offices, you have the flexibility to come and go as your life demands and you are spending your days with potential clients, collaborators, and friends. For comparison, Asheville, N.C. has 7 coworking spaces and Sarasota has 5 - and both of these towns are similar in size to St. Augustine.

And the coworking part will have all the amenities you need to bring more ease into your life as an entrepreneur including free-flowing coffee, kitchen access, high speed internet, conference room space, and so much more. We will even be building a dedicated podcast recording booth!

The type of community + coworking space that we want to build in St. Augustine is very different from traditional shared office spaces (which we do have a couple of). Creating community + collaboration has been built into every aspect of the design. Using color-theory and organizational psychology, we have incorporated numerous elements that foster focus, collaboration, wellness, and abundance.


The Space will also provide a series of workshops + community events designed by some of St. Augustine’s most superstar individuals. Including everything from community dinners to workshops to dance parties, we’ll be partnering with some of the city’s best and brightest to bring you events that will be life changing. Additionally, because our Space will be reserved for community + coworking events, we will have affordable options for people to host their own events.

St. Augustine has expensive commercial real estate and rental facilities. Whether you are a new/growing entrepreneur or small business owner or a community leader looking to build engagement, you are competing for space with the wedding industry and tourist dollars which has driven the prices way up. Utilizing a coworking + community space allows you to access shared resources for a fraction of what you would otherwise pay.

Just imagine if you could rent out a beautiful affordable conference room to host a business workshop? Or what if you wanted to bring together a group of like-minded people to plan an amazing event? What if you are a non-profit looking to host a fundraiser and share your mission? Maybe you want to create a conference? The possibilities are endless. At the Space, you’ll be limited only by your imagination. Offering this service also provides an additional stream of revenue for the Space - which has proven to be a model across the country that provides financial gain and sustainability to coworking spaces.

the Space is a project of Champagne Hippies. Visit the main site to learn more about LaKay (the dreamer/doer behind this project) as well as what values-based business is + why it matters + who is running one + how you can too!

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