Welcome to the Space!

We are working to create a coworking + community space in St. Augustine, FL, that will provide affordable options for entrepreneurs, freelancers, non-profit leaders, and small business owners who need space to work, connect, teach, and learn.

What it is -

We will be purchasing and rehabbing a 4,000 square foot building to create a multi-functioning collection of open coworking, private offices, conference rooms, and wellness spaces. Coworking spaces differ from shared office spaces in that they have more open space than private offices which fosters community and collaboration. Members share the costs of amenities and have access to valuable trainings and other community leaders on a regular basis. You are able to come as much or as little as you want and need and your costs are adjusted based on that.

Naturally there will be unlimited coffee and tea (from local St. Augustine businesses) as well as basic office amenities like printing and scanning.  There will be a kitchen so you can bring your lunch and a conference room for meetings with clients or collaborators.  There will even be a wellness room and three outdoor spaces so you have a place to step away, regroup, and reenergize. We will also have partnerships with local companies to help you manage your life, business, and family in an easier and more fun manner.  

Why it is needed -

There are roughly 85,000 people living in the St. Augustine area from south of 210 and north of Crescent Beach. According to research from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, 40% of the working population will be freelance, work-from-home, remote, or entrepreneur by the year 2020, which means we have around 30,000 people who are working in some place other than a traditional brick and mortar office or retail establishment. Anecdotally, everywhere I go I meet people who are ready to sign up to be members of the Space. We are still in the fundraising stage and already have 25+ people who are ready to join!

Coworking spaces around the world have popped up as the missing link for many of these people - going from only 1,000 in 2011 to 14,000+ now and no signs of stopping. Many towns the size of St. Augustine have numerous coworking spaces that fill different niches. For example, Asheville has 7 and Sarasota has 5!

Why are coworking spaces the answer? Coworking spaces, by definition, are committed to disrupting industry and focusing on community, collaboration, learning, and sustainability.  Not only does it increase your satisfaction with life (and your business) when you feel a sense of belonging to a community, but coworking also puts you within arms reach to people who need your services or know someone who does.  Unlike traditional offices, you have the flexibility to come and go as your life demands and you are spending your days with potential clients, collaborators, and friends.

In addition to the growing number of potential coworking members, St. Augustine also has very expensive commercial real estate. Many times it is cost prohibitive for a new business starting out to be able to afford to rent traditional office space. Utilizing a coworking + community space allows you to access shared resources for a fraction of what you would otherwise pay. And having a variety of options allows the Space to be a resource for businesses of varying sizes, revenues, industries, and goals.

Don’t need a place to work? No problem. A coworking + community space, such as this one, is also a resource in and of itself for business owners and community leaders to join and have access to members-only events.

Because we are a destination wedding town, renting space for conferences, fundraisers, workshops, and networking events is very expensive. Businesses are competing with people who are spending thousands of dollars for a few hours. the Space will also be available to rent to entrepreneurs, community leaders, and small business owners to host their own trainings, workshops or events - at prices that are more realistic for the realities of their bottom line.

How it will be different -

the Space is being created around the concept of values-based earning.  Sometimes called social entrepreneurship or conscious capitalism, this is the broad idea that there is more to work than making money AND more to saving the world than well, saving the world.  We see evidence of this in companies that have a one-for-one or give-back model as well as community based movements such as #shoplocal and #themakersmovement.  However, the concept itself is more broad and includes everything from how you interact with your staff to your own work-life balance. We want to be a place that encourages you to approach your business as an opportunity to make money AND make our community better.  From green practices to employee relations to social justice goals, values-based earners take all stakeholders into account: actual shareholders, employees, clients and the community when making business decisions.  It's no secret that operating a business this way will give you a warm fuzzy feeling, but you may be surprised to know that the research shows it will also make you more money.

If this concept is new to you or you just want more information, visit our parent company, Champagne Hippies to learn all about values-based businesses (what they are + who is doing it + how you can create one) or to work with LaKay one-on-one to grow your own values-based business!

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